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Map of Oberlin Village
Map of Oberlin Village
Map of Oberlin Village
Map of Oberlin Village Area
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Oberlin Village runs along Oberlin Road (mostly on the West side) between Wade and Clark. 
It lies along the eastern edge of University Park (which is profiled elsewhere on this website).

Oberlin Village began as a Reconstruction village after the Civil War on the farmland of Lewis Peck.  At its peak, it was a successful freedman's community with 12 blocks of homes, a public school and 2 churches.  The name was probably derived in honor of Oberlin College of Ohio, which favored abolition and higher education for blacks.  James Harris, a graduate of Oberlin College and noted North Carolina politician, was a strong proponent of the village.

Though much (but not all) of its architectural heritage has been lost, the core character remains.

The neighborhood has a strong sense of community and an appreciation of the historical significance of Oberlin Village.

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